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 How to download

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PostSubject: How to download    Mon 01 Nov 2010, 11:36 am

New what? amalek and jose made who? A new server!!! awsome private server nice staff good source need players (and staff) please join now
new server has ---->
. real d claws special
. stat fully working
. vesta fully working
. magic fully working
. new customs (bandos spear)
. god swords fully working with stance
. ::god fully working
. full working void!
. shops fully working
. training fully working join now!!
____________download link!_____

donate to

If you donate these are what you can get depending on how much you donate
$5=donator stat/d-claws/full bandos/ags
$10=donator stat/d-claws/all god swords/::god/full bandos x2$15=donator stat/d-claws x2/ all god swords x5/::god/::mute/::kick/full bandos x10
$20=mod/d-claws x2/ all god swords x5/::god/::mute/::kick/full bandos/x10/::unmute/::jail/::unjail
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How to download
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